Who's who around the hall

Presidential Positions  
President: Shaun Reardon
Senior Vice President: Julie Warren
Senior Vice President (Affirmative Action): Meredith Peace
Vice President: Ben Davis
Vice President: Karen Batt
Vice President Affirmative Action: Michelle Jackson
Elected Officers  
Secretary: Luke Hilakari
Assistant Secretary: David Cragg
Industrial/Campaigns Officer: Wil Stracke
Central Office  
Project Organiser Matt Kunkel
Lead Communications Organiser Edwina Byrne
Communications Organiser James Raynes
EA to Secretary/Office Manager:  Jo Cullen
Executive Administration Kris McClelland
Information Centre Administration  Ruth Birch/Carmel Pollen 
Young Workers Centre  
YWC Coordinator Keelia Fitzpatrick
YWC Solicitor Carita Kazakoff
YWC Campaigns Organiser Rose Steele
YWC Campaigns Organiser Nadia Montague
YWC Organiser Claire Boland
YWC Organiser  Carlos Castro
YWC Organiser Dylan Goldsworthy 
YWC Organiser  Edie Shepherd
YWC Communications Organiser Amy Fitzgerald
YWC Projects/Research Sarah Bright
YWC Advocate Team Leader Laura Blandthorn
YWC Advocate Team Leader Ruby Haynes
Community Campaigning  
Campaign Lead Organiser Felicity Sowerbutts
Campaign Organiser Harriet Leadbetter
Campaign Organiser Mairead Lesman
Campaign Organiser Tom Martin
Politics, Digital and Research  
Politics and Research Lead Organiser Danae Bosler
Research Organiser Clare Burns
Research Organiser Tiarne Crowther
Research Organiser Ted Sussex
Data and Digital Organiser Anthony Hayes
Union Women  
Womens' Lead Organiser Lisa Heap
Women's Organiser Jodi Peskett
Women's Organiser Connor Borchard-Burns
Women's Online Organiser Lauren Kelly
Family Violence Project Organiser Pia Cerveri
OH&S Team  
OH&S Unit Coordinator Paul Sutton
OH&S Communications Organiser  Amy Jenkins
OH&S Webinars Roxanne Chaitowitz
Website Information Officer: Renata Musolino
OH&S  Safe at Work Organiser: Sam Hatfield
OH&S Trainer:  Garry Cameron
OH&S Trainer: Trevor Shewan
OH&S Unit Administration: Lisa Mott
Union Assist  
Co-ordinator: Claire Mitchell
Conciliation Advisers: Adam Hodges
  Christine Maxfield
  Amanda Thomas
  Pat Woods
Bendigo: Debbie Uren
Administration: Lee-Anne Tisdale
  Katrina Farrugia
  Senga Hately
Building Services Staff  
  Lucie John
  Gary Lee
  Tony Shaw
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We Are Union

We respectfully acknowledge that Trades Hall stands on the lands of the Wurundjeri people, traditional owners and continuing custodians of this land.